Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dr. Robert Keller and Glutathione

Dr. Robert Keller has developed a product which has in helped in the recover of his patents. In his research he discovered that high levels of cellular glutathione was critical to their good health. This information was not totally unexpected. This anti-oxidant was discover in the late 1800 and is commonly known as the Master Anti-antioxidant. Dr. Keller concluded that most all person lose approximately 10 percent of this precious antioxidant every 10 years after the age of 20. Hence a constant limitation of body function and deterioration (ageing) until death. His information was qualified and quantified in the white blood cells through a microscope. Having this same effects on his patients Dr. Keller found that those of his patience who were faring better than others had higher levels of this anti-oxidant. After much research and many years of difficult disappointment, he found a way to help the body not only increase the production of gluthathione within the cell but most importantly recycle the spent antioxidant back into the cell, increasing the over all strength of glutathione in every cell of the body over 490 percent. More information about this discovery and others can be found on our website ,or contact us by e-mail.


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  2. Back to you Jeff. Many times it's hope and faith alone that moves us forward toward our goals. Dr. Ron Rosedale has identified a neuron sensor within the body which acts similarly to the electrical controller in an automobile. It is called leptin. It send and receives information from the brain to stimulate various body functions; hormone, Insulin levels, female and male production,and many more undiscovered human organ processes. He has indicated in his research the importance for this vital censer in regards to not only weight lose but the constant control of the normal fat to lean mass retention. Brain and body communication is the ultimate answer. Check the link to Max WLX on our website, if you haven't already, for more information. stu

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