Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Autism and MaxGXL

Heavy metals are being found in our bodies in high quantity. These metals, such as mercury, have been found in study after study to be directly related to autism and other neurological disorders of the brain. .....Glutathione binds to the heavy metals and mercury in the body and removes them from the cells and eliminates them from the body. It actually targets heavy metals for elimination. It is gentle and can even be used with children and the elderly. Keep in mind, increased fluid intake is critical to aid glutathione in elimination of wastes and toxins. .....GLUTATHIONE IS THE DETOXIFIER OF MERCURY, FREE RADICALS, AND TOXINS IN THE CELLS OF THE BODY. .....Study after study done on autism has shown the same results in patients with this problem. They have an inability to remove mercury from their bodies, as "normal" persons do, as well as severely decreased glutathione levels (remember from the notes above: without adequate glutathione, their body CANNOT remove the mercury). .....Today, an estimated 1 in 166 children have an autistic disorder. What is more, is that 1 in 6 (this is a phenomenal rate) have some form of behavioral or developmental disorder. Dr. Corinne Allen states, "this is an epidemic!" .....We live in a world full of heavy chemicalization with disregard for proper nutrition. If you produce the gene for reduced glutathione - you can greatly reduce that problem with glutathione supplementation. That is not to say artificial glutathione injection, but a way to introduce into the body the components that the body needs to produce glutathione on its own. That way is MaxGXL. .....Dr. Robert Keller's research has shown great benefit in persons with immunodeficiency's on MaxGXL. Studies have also shown that most medical problems are a direct result of inflammation, and MaxGXL has been shown in medical study to reduce inflammation naturally. .....Whether the root problem is with the brain, allergies, toxins, etc., inflammation is the result. Intake of MaxGXL promotes increase absorption of nutrients and aides in recycling and production of glutathione, as a result of that removal of toxins - WHICH IS KEY FOR ALL CELLULAR FUNCTIONS. .....Every day we are exposed to a slew of toxins.... GLUTATHIONE IS OUR DEFENSE, AND NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT BACK.